Dear new friends,

My name is Katie and it is actually not short for Katherine at all. I love Jesus with everything in me. He was and is my first love, and when I was 14 years old He saved me from everything that was destroying me before I knew Him – including myself.

Today, I am 19 years old and am experiencing an intense amount of ┬áchange and growth as I tackle my sophomore year of college at Louisiana State University. I have four incredible older brothers so it’s strange for me, the “baby”, to be out on my own. But I am fortunate enough to be a faithful member of Anchor Chapel (a brand new mobile church here in Baton Rouge with a real heart for the hopeless) and Chi Alpha (only the most genuine college ministry ever!). My major is Communication Disorders, which is in the field of speech therapy/pathology and audiology. I also have a real passion for traveling, so hopefully I get some great opportunities while I’m here!

It’s so weird to describe myself because I’ve never had this one talent or passion that defined me. But I guess if I had to I would try to answer that odd question, “So what’s your thing?” Well my dear curious reader, today is the day you get way more of an answer than you ever could have wanted. My thing is jamming to my favorite Spotify playlists and eating fresh avocados. My thing is also coffee, and not letting whether or not we have milk decide if I’m going to have a cup. I do have a thing about being too “wordy” so for that I sincerely apologize. A thing of mine that has been there for me for most of my life is writing, and I much prefer a pen and paper. On nice days my thing is “hammocking” (even though I only did it once), and recently my thing is only dressing cute on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve recently developed a thing of saying “lit” too much and I almost have proof that it’s because of my roommate. My unbelievably amazing boyfriend is probably my favorite thing ever. Mornings have never, EVER, been my thing. I also have this thing where I love dogs but don’t want to pet them if they haven’t had a bath recently.

If you couldn’t care less about any of those things, that’s perfectly fine. They might be fun, but they don’t define me – and neither do your “things”. ┬áBut I would like to say that a huge thing that has inspired me recently in life is looking for adventure in everything I do and doing my part to find joy in the journey. So if you’re inspired, great. If you really just want to steal that for a lit caption on your next post, also great. Either way, you are welcomed here and you are loved, so stay if you want to.


The Clay